Project Euler: Problem 12

Problem 12 brings back an interesting mathematical concept: triangular numbers. Triangular numbers (and the formula for finding one) are the slightly more sophisticated approach I mentioned in my writeup for Problem 6. Writing a generator for triangular numbers is easy enough, as is writing some logic to factorize (not prime factorize) a number. Given those two, the solution is easy enough.

"""Solves Problem 12 of Project Euler."""

import math

def factors(to_factor):
    """Find the factors of to_factor."""
    factors = []
    divisor = 1
    while (divisor <= int(math.sqrt(to_factor))):
        if not to_factor % divisor:
            quotient = to_factor / divisor
        divisor += 1

    return factors

def triangular_numbers():
    """Generate the triangular numbers."""
    current = 0
    position = 1
    while True:
        current += position
        position += 1
        yield current

def problem_12(min_divisors):
    """Finds the first triangular number to have more than 500 divisors."""
    for triangular in triangular_numbers():
        cur_factors = factors(triangular)
        if len(cur_factors) > min_divisors:
            return triangular

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print problem_12(500)

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